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How large and deep can I make the cut-out ?

As large as you want and max. 334mm deep. But you can also make a cut-out of 50 x 50mm

This set fits any drawer?

This set will fit any drawer with a bottom and back of 16 mm thick ( BLUM, HETTICH, GRASS,...) and of which the distance between the bottom and the top of the back= max 163 mm.

What are the delivery times?

Fixol works with DPD and DHL in order to get your products in a

timely manner at the delivery address. The normal delivery time

for Europe is often only 48h.

What tools and experience do I need?

As the old saying goes, measure twice, cut once.
Minimum equipment required is a jigsaw, a screwdriver

and a good quality Mould Resistant Silicone.

If available onsite, a drop saw or a small bench saw

will give a better finish

What are the dimensions of the covers ?

The covers have a diametre of 130mm,

The recommended hole to make is 90mm but can go from 88 to 102mm

The pipe tidy for dishwashers has 2 holes of 25mm & 1 of 8mm

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